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Thema: [Part 1] Phantom Legacy

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    [Part 1] Phantom Legacy

    Thank you for your time, here's a game. Everything you need to know is below and on the blog. Feel free to leave any questions and feedback.

    Ten years ago, a gifted squire by the name of Slade extinguished the fallen God Proteus - severing the final string of the Old World Order, a celestial infrastructure whose sole purpose was to enslave the human race for sustenance to God's corrupt offspring. The world at large remained ignorant as to how close to the brink of oblivion the world teetered... Save for one royal family; who's close ties to Slade allowed them knowledge of the material sphere's true workings, and even the true intentions of the enigmatic "Shadar", an entity who strikes terror into the hearts of even the most seasoned warriors.

    Mankind has endured a cursed and long existence, being the pawns of Proteus and later; sustenance to his usurper kin... But what should happen when the human race tastes the absolute power that has enslaved them for countless generations?


    Q - Do I need the RTP to play this?
    A - No. All of the files you need are included provided RMtool did it's job right. Also don't worry, I didn't use RMtool's buggy purge feature, so all of the necessary files are sitting in the folder and then some.

    Q - Where is the wait option in the menu?
    A - I took it out. The game's exe file has been hex edited to have wait on by default. For those who don't know, the "active" atb option in the engine's battle system causes a multitude of bugs if you even customize battles a little bit.

    Q - How come Nero can't use items? How come this character...
    A - Each character has their own pool of commands. They each play differently and playing to each one's strengths and weaknesses is key in tackling some of the game's more difficult encounters.

    Q - Can I use...?
    A - Anything that isn't original artwork is up for use. Rips, Romancing Saga hack sprites, and so on. I ask that you not use Slade's Sprite, Shadar's sprite, or any of the hand drawn artwork found inside the game.
    Slightly dated video, the trap function works much better now.

    Features -

    Highly specialized characters each with their own unique set of commands. Tough battles can only be won through the proper use of each character's playstyle.

    Story driven, well paced gameplay.

    Aside from the introduction bosses, each boss has their own unique gimmick that has to be overcome. There are multiple ways to overcome these obstacles.

    Classic SNES styled RPG gameplay with a slight twist.

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    I dont know if its enough to just post one picture and a link to a blog here in the presentation area.
    You could've at least write down the most important facts about your game and maybe some more screenshots.

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    Hi Nightblade !

    The game and the trailer looks interesting, but the presentation here in forum could be better, realy.
    Iam downloading the game and will test it !

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    More infos certainly couldn't hurt to even fullfill the requirements for a presentation in this board.
    With such a lacking presentation the readers wouldn't even know that this is a sequel to Demon Legacy, which I myself really liked although I think it was a bit too difficult. Have to check this out when I find the time.

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    Nightblade, according to the rules of the board I have to mpve your thread into the development-board.
    The presentation-board is reserved for games and threads with more content.
    So, just drop me a line when you added more content such as screens or a link so I can move it back then.

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    I'll add some more meat to the original post, but I'm not sure what the full requirements are here.

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    Zitat Zitat von NightbladeLegacy Beitrag anzeigen
    I'll add some more meat to the original post, but I'm not sure what the full requirements are here.
    Well, screens, story, features/gameplay, maybe a few infos about the characters. Just enough to imagine what the game could be like.
    And as this is a sequel to Demon Legacy a link to that one certainly couldn't hurt

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    Pretty enough to move it back, thanks for adding more content.

    As Jack said, maybe you could write a little bit more about the characters and the story?

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    Thank you for moving it back. I myself am a firm believer of finding out who the characters are in game, so I haven't written lengthy character bios in some time.

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    I took your advice and added some more information. Thank you again.

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    Okay, haven't played much yet (only up to the place in the prison where I can jump over holes) but great atmosphere so far. Only think you should have included a bit more text (or text at all ) in the intro. Like a short synopsis of Demon Legacy (for example told in a little monologue by Slade) so that new players have at least an idea of the world. Don't really like it when I'm just getting a short scene as an intro which doesn't tell me anything.

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    Hi !

    Can someone give me a hint how to beat the boss with the barrier stuff ?
    Mean the second fight with the group . And why can you select in this battle "barrier" and " ... nothing", some fault settings or ... ?

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    Du musst die Barriere angreifen. Von alleine geht sie nicht weg.

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    Funny ... not "barrier" is the object you have to aim, its "..." you have to aim (which seemed to be the barrier).
    Cause of this not definited aim this battle is a bit unclear and confusing.

    Nightblade if you can read this please fix this minnor error please.

    Well game was "okay", I like the athmosphere and music.

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    Tonight will be long so I`m now about to download the game. Critique comes later, when I`m far enough.

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    I'm not gonna play tonight (or in the following days), since I can't seem to mess about with stuff at the moment.

    However, I'd like to give you some advice, if you allow me. When presenting your game, it is most important to look at your game from that other perspective, i.e. from the player's point of view. Now, nobody will get their heads around what you show in the video (as a gameplay presentation), when it is as fast-paced to read, left alone understand what's happening and what it is that you do as it is the case here.

    Leave us a chance to read the dialogues without pausing the video every few seconds. You as their developer surely have read them a few times and know exactly, what they're saying. But we, your inclined recipients, don't. And we don't know what is special about your ABS, either, since you don't let us read, just wait until the action bar is filled to see how you click away everything, that would give us some information immediately.

    It's a pity, cos, all in all, what we can guess from what you show of the gameplay you created there (and in fact, from what we can see as of the other material) looks quite professional. Why not put emphasis on that?

    Pleeaaase, take your time with stuff. I flipped through your blog, you know the issue already; doing things in haste will hold you back later on. That goes for communicating with your recipients as well.

    Last but not least, I wish you best of luck with your financial situation. I hope the attention the game gains you will also help you with that a little.

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    hat noch jemand phantom legacy für mich

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