(Sorry for using english for this post, my intention is just share good stuff between communities )

Hello! I just released this tool and I want to share in this community (since 10 years ago I found lots of interesting stuff (Rm2k tools and patches) in this forum, so I think now it's my turn to make a contribution ).

As name said, this is a simple tool made for inspecting switches and variables in realtime. This come handy when you are making engines or some sort of other complex events that requires to have a live-tracking of switches/variable values (without having to press F9 many times or putting debug messages everywhere to track values).

Download (link to github): https://github.com/elsemieni/RPGMake...ector/releases

Basic instructions are following.

  • Select your version of RPG_RT of your game that you will use with this tool.
  • Execute your game and set a switch and a variable before. That's important beacuse without setting them the tool will be unable to detect the executable(*).
  • Click on (Re)Attach RPG_RT to connect the tool to the RPG_RT process.
  • Start adding variables and/or switches that you want to live inspect.

By tool limitations you must add the switches/variables that you want to see. You can do it with Add button. Also you can save your variable listings for future use (so you can setup your watches once).

(*) RPG_RT does not initialize variables at bootup, instead it only creates it when you set a one, until that value. That means if you set Variable ID 100, the program will just initialize variables from 1 to 100. So, for using variable 1000 you must initialize first by setting a value on it (or in a higher variable ID). If you don't initalize it you will see random values on it (and if you don't initialize any variable you will get an error beacuse the tool will be unable to locate them).

RPG_RT supported versions
  • RPG Maker 2003 1.09a and futher. This includes official english releases, 1.12a included ( these are 1.09a based).
  • RPG Maker 2003 1.08. That included DynRPG patched executables.
  • RPG Maker 2003 1.03.
  • RPG Maker 2000 1.16 (English release).
  • RPG Maker 2000 1.51 Value!
  • RPG Maker 2000 1.07.

At least these are the "common" versions I know about... If you think there's a version missing there, just tell me and I will try to include it in a new version.

You can also take a peek at the source code at Github: https://github.com/elsemieni/RPGMaker2k3VarInspector

Just not much more to say. Hope some people find this useful!