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Thema: Kurzgeschichte: Just seeing them makes you go mad

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    Kurzgeschichte: Just seeing them makes you go mad

    Mir ist vor ein paar Tagen eine Idee für eine (sehr kurze) Kurzgeschichte gekommen, die ich dann in der Bahn aufgeschrieben habe (englisch, weil sich das in dem Moment einfach richtiger angefühlt hat):

    Zitat Zitat
    Just seeing them makes you go mad. That's what people say. Well, some people. Those who know of them at least. And you know what, I saw them. Not just that, one of them even talked to me. Not just that "You're gonna die" stuff people always imagine, it actually engaged in a conversation with me. Mind you, I didn't understand a thing, with the human mind not being able to process their language and all. But still, I heard its voice clearly in my head and thought my answers in plain English and it seemed to understand. We went back and forth for what felt like at least half an hour. While I couldn't grasp any words or sentence structure, I could make out... feelings? No, that's not quite the right word. It was more like a general sense of what the topic and intent of the conversation were. People always imagine them to be angry, vengeful or commanding but that wasn't my impression. it was calm, almost friendly, maybe even something like proud. Just hearing its voice helped myself stay calm as well. And believe me, staying calm when one of them is standing right in front of you can't be easy. But there I was, in the middle of a seemingly endless room, having a conversation. Felt like sitting down with your Dad after a long day of work and him telling you that you did well. I don't really remember in detail what my answers were, just that they came to me as easily as they would come when talking to an old friend. When our conversation was over... don't ask me how I knew, I just did... it just let me go. There was no eternal damnation or sacrificing myself or anything. I just turned around and went home. Kept thinking about that day ever since. I never saw them again. Well, occasionally I see them in my dreams but I guess that's normal when you live through such an unusual event. Never in person though. Anyways, about the going mad thing. Can't say I agree with that. Never felt mad for a minute in my life. I'd even say I feel less mad since then. More grounded, if you know what I mean. Well, except when I talk to people about what I've seen. People who never saw them for themselves. Those people usually don't believe me, think I'm making this all up. Some laugh at me, some pity me, most think I'm... mad. And yes, that's when I begin to wonder if I am. But how could I be? I know for certain what I saw, what I heard, what I did. It's not me who went mad. It's those people for not accepting that they are real even though the signs are undeniable. But one day, the world will see. One day, they will show themselves to all of us and then those people will see, that I am, in fact, not mad.
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    Sehr schön geschrieben, interessantes Thema eigentlich, wenn man so recht überlegt dass die Ursache für den Wahnsinn dann letztlich doch durch zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation vonstatten statt durch scheinbar übernatürliche Elemente.
    Zu dem Inhalt der Konversation kann ich nicht viel sagen, wo es ja letztlich mehr um Gefühle ging, ich glaube zumindest nicht dass sich der Protagonist mit dem "Wesen" auf komplexe Weise unterhalten konnte und anders rum ist es vielleicht genau vonstatten gelaufen.


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