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Thema: Free Indie Games - Share your games


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    Free Indie Games - Share your games

    I want to show you our project.


    Indiexpo allows thousand of people to discover, watch and share originally-created games.
    it provides an area for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

    You can find also deutsch games posted by realTroll, Kelven or Pad (for the occasion of the creation of the videos about the winners of the contest in this forum)

    The website is avaible in english, italian, french, spanish, portuguese and german languages. And you can find games in each of this languages.

    We are growing up month by month, we're introducing many functions to make the website more powerful and efficient. we're pointing to be the best portal with only free indie and casual games of the world !

    We collaborate with several forums about Rpg Maker, like Oniromancie, AlexDor in frence or Rpg2s in Italy,Rpg Maker Mundo in Brazil and organize with them contest and jams.

    We're very linked with this tool. So, with Rpg Maker MV, we added a new feature : uploading a game made with RpgMaker MV (in a ZIP), it will be automatically playable online.

    You can put more downloads, upload games on our server (max 750MB), upload and play online HTML5 games (on PC, Tablet and Smartphone), to change your game-page at any time (you can enter demo and are going to update the new versions),the presence of a control panel that will show you the download and visits, weekly or total. calculating the decrease or increase, the presence of a Graph visible only to those who entered the game in the game-page that shows the number of downloads and visits, to know sexy girls, System notifications, a facebook page where share the games, etc.etc.

    Thanks for your time !

    Join now!

    (Thanks to Kelven and the staff of the forum for this topic )

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    News ! Launched the FreankExpo Mask VI.

    - New Grapichs for the developers
    - More Games in the Homepage
    - Now you can upload your Game on our server (free, fast and easy).
    - New fast comments
    - Also games for mobile (Android, Ios & WindowsPhone)
    - More Social : you can share the games on Facebook and /or Twitter
    - Most visibility to the latest games included

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    Hi !
    Now online : FreankExpo Mask VII - Modern UX

    - Over 500 Likes
    - New Design.
    - Bugs solved.
    - Pop up no more.
    - More views

    Play and Share Free Indie Games !

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    Wow, looks great.
    Waht about games that are available only in German?

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    Here : you can search games adding filters.

    So... here they are all games in german :

    We have several visits from Germany, so you can add your games even if they are only in german (and vote and comment the other german games). No problem
    Many users (also italian, french and spanish), even if don't know the dialogues, download (specially if they use rpg maker) the games to see the mapping, tips and triks, ecc.

    I did games with rpg maker... and i played Versarbor only to see how it works.

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    I believe Götterdämmerung became free at least i downloaded it from that linked to the creators site and i also beaten that game,don't know why he hasn't changed the desura status of his game. In your description it says Götterdämmerung RPG is a post-apocalyptic single player RPG. This is a shareware game - the first 2 hours are free, the full version costs $19.99. Features: *More than 30 hours of playtime *Tons of minigames *Unlockable bonus features.
    I checked your site though only for english and german games since i understand both of these languages.Anyway nice site, looks good.

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    Thanks ! We're still improving it
    About Götterdämmerung , it was uploaded by its author.
    The staff doesn't upload the game, but every developer can sign up and share his games.
    You too can share your game(s) Even if they are in german. They will be downloaded , like El Dorado 2 , uploaded by Real Troll. An amazing game !
    And, after the registration, you can comment and vote the other german games so they can note you and your game(s).

    And now, if you already have a game on, you can refresh it adding News about it and its development !

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    News !!

    Here we are !
    The was born in the 01.03.2011.
    A website that many people decided to use. Anyone... from noob to pro.

    Now near to one thousand Like on Facebook Page.

    But we want to continue to grow up. And to do this... we needed to evolve.

    The FreankExpo dies to live again through

    The soul is the same but with a modern armor.
    The heart, the games, continue to give it life.
    A new beginning.

    New features are already visible: you can put more downloads, upload games on our server (max 750MB), upload and play online HTML5 games (on PC, Tablet and Smartphone).
    Uploading games made with RpgMaker MV, they will be automatically playable online. (exemple: )

    More will come soon!

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    Zitat Zitat von IndependentArt Beitrag anzeigen
    Do you host demos too?
    You can edit your game-page in every moment.
    So you can also replace your game version.

    And if you add also a News ("Neu") when you do it, it will return up.

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    March was a great month! We had a hight numer of views and downloads, several new games and new features !
    And Over 1,000 Like on Facebook, a new blog (with changelogs, interviews and games) and feed rss to follow us.

    ... now... so... what features we want to add in indiexpo ?


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