(Da das Spiel vollständig in englisch ist, halte ich auch die Vorstellung in englisch. Kommentare [und meine Antworten auf diese] können aber natürlich in deutsch abgegeben werden)

Gain a glance to the mysterious world of Sky Eye

A man with no past...
Trapped inside a room with a locked door...
Haunted by a unearthly voice that taunts him...
Delving only deeper into the darkest secrets of the house...
Will he ever leave it? Or will it devour him completely?
Only by looking in every crook and corner might he reveal the horror that has befallen this place.
And only with understanding might he find a way out.

  • Music
  • Sound
    Kastenfrosch, LuckyTheOne, Hitrison, Zimond
  • Graphics
    PandaMaru, Ayane-chan, $ud, kalez-d3drbzu
  • Scripts
    Moondrop, Ccoa, XeroVolume, KD