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Thema: OBSE-Neuheiten

  1. #61
    Beta 3 ist drausen.

    Zitat Zitat von Changelog
    -IsQuestCompleted, UncompleteQuest
    -GetRaceHairs/Eyes, GetRaceDefaultHair
    -Update plugin API to allow calling user-defined function scripts from plugin code
    -Allow plugins to accept array variables by ID as command arguments
    -Expand plugin array variable interface
    -Fix incorrect number of parameters for SetPCAttributeBonusC
    -Fix potential crash when saving after iterating over inventory references
    -GetFirst/NextRef now ignore partially-loaded references
    -Fix issue with ToggleSpecialAnim
    -Misc. fixes and tweaks

  2. #62
    Beta 4:

    Zitat Zitat
    -Fix potential vanilla buffer overrun when parsing commands entered at console (so-called '73-byte bug')
    -Add OnActivate event handler support
    -Event handlers can now be used with non-actor references
    -Add PostLoadGame event handler
    -GetActiveMenuSelection correctly recognizes and returns scrolls in magic menu
    -GetInputText takes an optional argument to strip HTML from the returned string
    -Make game preserve ownership data on inventory references
    -Inventory references now correctly handle large quantities of items in a single stack
    -Fix potential CTD in AddToLeveledList if called with an invalid list
    -Updates to serialization of array/string variables
    -Fix potential CTD if GetBarterItem called while a transaction is in progress
    -SetClassSkills2 now works as advertised

  3. #63
    OBSE v0019 ist Stable:

    Zitat Zitat
    -Optional flag to RunScriptLine and RunBatchScript allows suppression of console output during script execution
    -Suppress editor warning about unquoted string when using the '->' operator
    -Add 'type' field to array returned by GetPackageData
    -GetBaseAVForActor now works for all actor values defined on base actors
    -Fix GetCellChanged command not reliably reporting cell transitions
    -Fix editor CTD associated with a buffer overrun bug present in the unmodified Construction Set
    -GetFirst/NextRef now support extremely large worldspaces
    -Prevent OnHitWith events from being reported to event handler scripts twice per event
    -Fix issues with GetBarterItem
    -GetPackageData now includes a 'Type' field indicating the package type
    -Various miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes
    Das fettgeschriebene betrifft den sogenannten 73-Bytes-Bug, der das CS dazu gebracht hat abzustürzen, falls bei einem set/if-Befehl zu viel dahinter stand. War glaub ich was mit kompilierter Größe>73 Bytes (daher der Name).
    Betrifft vor allem die Fälle, bei denen man mit Strings und/oder Eval arbeitet.

  4. #64
    Runtime EditorIDs.

    Damit lassen sich EditorIDs auch in der Konsole eingeben und man muss nicht auf FormIDs zurückgreifen.

  5. #65

  6. #66

    v19a ist drausen. Behebt das Problem, dass gestohlene Items getrennt von nicht-gestohlenen der gleichen Sorte angezeigt wurden.

  7. #67

    Zitat Zitat
    -Fix changes made to inventory references not being saved if the item previously had no associated extra data
    -Fix a potential issue with string variables
    -Prevent infinite loop in RemoveEventHandler if more than one script registered for a particular event type
    -Partially fix an issue with Quest Log Manager mod generating array access errors

  8. #68
    v20 ist Beta.

    Zitat Zitat
    -Compiler override for passing OBSE expressions and data types as arguments to any command
    -IsNthActiveEffectApplied, GetNthEffectItem
    -SetCellBehavesAsExterior, SetCellHasWater
    -IsCellPublic, SetCellIsPublic
    -IsOblivionInterior/World, IsInOblivion
    -GetBoundingRadius, GetEditorSize
    -SetPos_T, SetOwnership_T, ClearOwnership_T
    -Get/SetLightDuration, Get/SetTimeLeft
    -SetInputText, SetTextInputControlHandler, SetTextInputDefaultControlsDisabled

  9. #69
    Neues OBSE-Plugin: Construction Set Extender

  10. #70
    Beta 2 ist raus:

    Zitat Zitat
    -GetRaceVoice now returns "this" race if no voice race is defined
    -SetCellWaterHeight now works with cells that aren't defined in editor as having water
    -Make "stringVar[-x]" work as expected
    -Make foreach/while loops thread-safe
    -Fix issue with IsKeyPressed2 introduced in 0020 beta

  11. #71
    Damit Low Post nicht immer nur schreibt: Beta 4 ist raus

    0020 beta 4:
    -(Set)IsHidden/Automatic/MinimalUseDoor, SetIsOblivionGate
    -OnEatIngredient, OnNewGame events
    -Update active effect commands to work on non-actor magic targets (doors, furniture, etc)
    -ar_Erase erases all elements if second argument omitted
    -GetGameLoaded now returns true when the player starts a new game

  12. #72

  13. #73
    Beta 5:

    Zitat Zitat
    -New events: OnHealthDamage, OnCreateSpell, OnEnchant, OnAttack, OnRelease, OnBowAttack, OnBlock, OnDodge, OnStagger, OnRecoil
    -OnActorEquip event now triggered by actors equipping items due to changes in their AI
    -OnHealthDamage event can now be filtered by the damaged actor
    -SetVerticalVelocity now operates in game units instead of centimeters
    -Internal changes to handling of parallel script execution

  14. #74
    Geändert von Low Post (13.02.2011 um 13:31 Uhr)

  15. #75
    "This page appears broken..."

  16. #76
    Upps, Link und Beschreibung verwechselt.

    Sollte jetzt stimmen.

  17. #77
    Beta 6
    Zitat Zitat
    -SetDoorTeleport now accepts an optional argument specifying the change should not be recorded in the savegame
    -OnCreatePotion event
    -Fix issues with input functions arising from conflicts between mods using GetKeyPress and Enable/DisableControl.
    -Fix IsDigit always returning true regardless of character type
    -Fix misnamed OnPlayerDrop event to OnActorDrop
    -Prevent GetDescription using cached value of skill perk text.
    -Make SetInputText accept extremely long strings
    -Make compiler override accept string_var as argument for old sv_* commands
    -Fix OnSkillUp event
    Geändert von Low Post (22.03.2011 um 16:45 Uhr)

  18. #78
    CSE v5:
    Zitat Zitat
    Added a warning when Oblivion.esm is loaded as the active plugin
    Added command history to the console command box
    Implemented deferred console updating
    Allowed the use of the CONTROL key as a modifier when activating a door marker reference in the render window
    Moved the hall of fame's initialization up in the plugin loading pipeline to fix linking issues
    Added a warning that is displayed when setting a integer-prefixed editorID on a form
    Fixed a CS bug that caused a CTD when compiling result scripts consisting of variable declarations
    Prevented the Data dialog from showing onscreen all the time
    Modified how the CS handles listview based form edit dialogs
    Fixed a CS bug that prevented the correct activation of a newly created/duplicated form in a listview based form edit dialog
    Added a new tool to the Race dialog that allows the transfer of hair and eye forms b'ween race forms
    Fixed a CS bug that prevented the complete duplication of extradata b'ween TESObjectREFR forms
    Fixed a bug in the Save As tool that caused the addition of the original plugin to the new plugin's masterlist
    Fixed a bug in the Asset Selection tool that prevented the modification of idle animation model paths
    Added new INI keys: ConsoleUpdatePeriod, ShowNumericEditorIDWarning
    Added a new tool: Create Global Script [Gameplay > Create Global Script]
    Added a Launch Game item to the main menu
    Fixed a bug in the console command handler that prevented the execution of committed commands
    Expanded message handler override to include all debug channels
    Added new tool: Tag Editor/Browser [ View->Tag Browser ]
    Trimmed some debug messages
    Added new context menu tools: Toggle Visibility, Toggle Children Visibility, Add To Active Tag, Edit Base Form
    Fixed the LOD landscape texture generation tools to automatically generate the entire mip chain for all textures
    Fixed a CS bug that prevented records in esp masters from being overridden by deleted records
    Add a preemptive access check to TESFile::UpdateHeader to help avoid file corruption
    Added new tool to the asset selection interface: Copy Path
    Added new INI settings: UpdatePeriod, DisplaySelectionStats, UpdateViewPortAsync
    Added new render window tools: Align Selection, Group/Ungroup Selection
    Prevented Oblivion.esm from being set as active when auto-loading it on startup
    Patched various spammy message handling subroutines
    Removed the ineffectual 'pink water' fix
    Fixed a bug that prevented batch modified references updating their 3D data in the render window
    Updated plugin API

    Rewrote much of the code to facilitate later switch to AvalonEdit
    Added FontStyle INI setting
    Bookmarks are no longer highlighted in the line number field
    Fixed a bug that prevented the correct parsing of floating point values from the INI
    Removed 'Invalid Identifier' warning from the script validator, making it (even)more redundant
    Implemented a new, albeit fancy preprocessing engine
    Fixed the Windows XP common dialog current directory reset bug
    Removed IntelliSense-generated debug messages
    Turned on autoword selection for script editor text boxes
    Removed the directive limit on standard directive parser
    Allowed the script validator to prevent script compilation when it encountered script errors
    Removed numeric identifier check from the script validator, added check to warn about duplicate editorIDs when saving
    Prevented an unnecessary exception from being raised when pasting text into the script editor
    Fixed a bug that raised an exception when an external text file was loaded using the ‘Load Script...’ tools
    Fixed a bug that prevented tokenless script lines from being commented by the Toggle Comment tool
    Fixed a bug that prevented the variable index editor from identifying ref vars as such and modifying their index
    Fixed the incorrect icon used by the 'Variable --- declared inside a script block.' script validator warning
    Added the option to cancel a Search-Replace
    Overhauled preferences dialog
    Added new INI settings: LinesToScroll, LoadScriptUpdateExistingScripts, DatabaseUpdateInterval, UseQuickView, AnnealCasing, IndentLines
    Added new tools: Sanitize Script Text, Bind Script
    Prevented window size from being saved when maximized
    Fixed a bug that raised an exception when the text field was cleared
    Moved the script preprocessor to a separate assembly for external use
    Updated 'Bind Script' toolbar icon
    Trimmed some debug messages
    Fixed a bug that prevented the editor from instantiating correctly when height was below a certain threshold

    Fixed the Windows XP common dialog current directory reset bug
    Enabled application visual styles for controls

    Fixed the bug that prevented extraData from being batch-modified {Thanks to JRoush for this!}

  19. #79
    v20 ist Stable:
    Zitat Zitat
    -Fix compiler override using localized actor value strings
    -Fix IsNthEffectItemScriptHostile returning inconsistent values
    -Prevent equipping an item from generating multiple OnActorEquip events
    -Prevent power-attacking generating multiple OnAttack events
    -Fix GetActiveSpell returning zero if the player has not switched from the default starting spell
    Danke an Tamira für den Hinweis.
    Geändert von Low Post (08.04.2011 um 18:58 Uhr)

  20. #80
    CSE 5.1:

    Zitat Zitat
    Fixed a bug that caused a CTD when attempting to select a reference in the Enhanced Find Text tool
    Re-implemented how ESM files are handled, fixing a number of master-file related bugs in the process
    Fixed a bug that caused a CTD when the debug log file stream was closed during shutdown
    Restricted script recompile operations to a single instance
    Removed the TESDialogSubwindow::EnumChildControlsCallback hook for causing various issues with control z-ordering, sizing and general weirdness
    Fixed a CS bug that prevented the correct serialization of deleted TESObjectREFR forms
    Patched more spammy subroutines
    Modified the Copy Hair/Eyes From Race tool to keep source hair/eye forms
    Modified the TESObjectREFR::CopyFrom hook to prevent ExtraTeleport from being copied
    Added new render window tool: Freeze/unfreeze selection
    Added new tool: Set Workspace
    Modified render window context menu items
    Quadrupled LOD diffuse map texture resolution
    Added new INI settings: SetWorkspaceOnStartup, DefaultWorkspacePath
    Fully implemented GMST reinitializing during plugin load
    Fixed a CS bug that broke usage reference counting when a form was referenced more than once by another
    Fixed a bug that caused a CTD when initiating plugin quick-loading without an active plugin

    Fixed a bug that prevented the text editor from receiving focus after inserting an IntelliSense suggestion by mouse
    Fixed a bug that prevented the context menu 'Copy' tool from working correctly
    Fixed a bug that prevented the correct window bounds from being passed when closing a maximized window
    Fixed a bug that incorrectly triggered the accumulation of compile errors during a recompile operation
    Added a new context menu tool: Lookup on Google
    Removed the message box that was displayed after a find-replace operation

    Fully implemented form drag-dropping
    Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of new tags with names that contained substrings of existing tag names


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