Only adults are allowed to play children's card games!

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  1. Lynx
    We lived in an orphanage, because I had fired our parents.
  2. FlareShard
    The rain forest can kiss my pasty Egyptian butt!
  3. drunken monkey
    drunken monkey
    It was a very depressing time in my life, since I didn't have any money, so I was unable to screw the rules. Mokuba was often bullied, and when you're getting picked on by orphans, you know you're a loser.
  4. GFlügel
    "Yeah, but at least I´m not adopted!"
    "What did you just say?"
    "Oh, did I touch a nerve? Why don´t you just run home and cry to mommy? Oh, that´s don´t have one!"

    (btw. sollten wir für Unwissende nicht vll. auch auf die Seite verlinken oder gibt das irgendwelche rechtlichen Probleme?)
  5. drunken monkey
    drunken monkey
    - Check it out, Yugi. I'm riding on my invisible bicycle.
    - Yeah, that's not really very funny the seventeenth time you do it, Pharaoh.
    - You're just jealous because I have an invisible bicycle.
    - (Dammit, he knows my secret.)

    Pf, von wegen. Unwissende haben sich gefälligst in ihrer Ignoranz zu winden (oder zu googlen)!
  6. Lynx
    Oh, that's so sweet. You've been blinded by my love. And by your actual blindness.
  7. drunken monkey
    drunken monkey
    "But what would grandpa say?"
    "Yu~gi~... kill that son of a bitch!"
  8. Lynx
    "I can't believe Pegasus is dead!"
    "He died as he lived: draped in the arms of another man."
  9. drunken monkey
    drunken monkey
    No, you can't take the risk, he might survive!
  10. Lynx
    "Hey, check out all the obligatory cameos. Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor, Mako Tsunami.."
    "But where's the reigning champion, Seto Kaiba?"
    "Didn't you hear? He was barred from the tournament because his name wasn't stupid enough."
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